How does it work? 

1. Fill out the application form below (click join us) and you will receive an invoice to pay a $25 registration fee per family for the school year. After Feb. 3, you will then be emailed a discount code for registration for the Alveary curriculum for the school year. Being a co-op member gives your family a $50 discount when purchasing the Alveary curriculum so make sure you sign up here before renewing or purchasing the curriculum. It is important you go through these steps to be given the discount. Once you have signed up for the Alveary send a copy of your receipt (screenshot or pic) to: and then you will be allowed to register for courses. To be eligible for the discount one child must participate in at least one course for the school year. 


2. Once you are officially registered you will receive a confirmation email with a list of the courses and your total invoice to pay the instructors individually to enroll in the courses you requested. Just click on the link below to see a list of classes.  Clicking on the specific class of each course will take you to the information and contact info. 

3. After you have registered and paid, you will then be given a full syllabus and information on the class and the logistics once published in the summer. There will be one class during the summer to walk your kids through the platforms used for each course and a meet and greet before the school year begins.

*Once registered if you need to cancel a course you may receive a full refund for the course up to one month before the course begins.  The registration fee will not be refunded. 

Questions?  Contact us:

Thanks for submitting!