Consulting Services

Offering one-on one support meetings on the phone or via zoom.

Assistance in determining the best subjects to begin when starting with the Alveary including specific placement within subject areas.

Giving individualized assistance of the Alveary and how to find all the resources they have to offer.

Developing a unique schedule that fits your family and your children’s needs which will be sent in an editable document.

Guidance in how to combine grades to provide for all of your children’s needs and still finding peace within your home.

Help with creating your child's transcript and record keeping for your children’s work.

Support in directing your high school child for college prep, early college credits, and career opportunities.

Guidance in carrying out specific subject areas and help in organizing materials.

Tutoring sessions on how to implement a subject.

Help in finding ways to get connected with others and resources in learning about Charlotte Mason.

For More Information

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Amy came to the rescue when I was unsure about how to approach the year with Alveary. She was able to help me navigate how to organize my space, how to decipher the layout of the program and also teach certain subjects. I’m so grateful she supported me as a beginning homeschooling parent and learner of the Charlotte Mason method.


I transitioned my children from the public school system to Alveary in the middle of the school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amy was so helpful, patient and encouraging. She answered all my questions and eased my fears with the initial transition. She also continued to provide support throughout the school year by answering my many questions, providing resources, links and her own personal experiences which helped me succeed in teaching my children this year. Amy is a wonderful resource and I could not have done it without her!