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Registration is now open for the 2024-25 school year.


Online Courses

Charlotte Mason describes the importance of atmosphere in education. Our mission at Charlotte’s Web is to provide a safe online learning environment for children to share their ideas under the guidance of teachers who are passionate about their subject. Our teachers believe in following Mason’s philosophy of learning: lectures are not present here, rather they facilitate the class in the children’s pursuit of knowledge.  Knowing that many students do not have the opportunity to meet locally, we hope to bridge the gap.  We also desire to share the load with moms who are feeling overloaded in having to provide the full feast Mason describes.  We are excited to join with your family to help partner with you to provide a well-rounded education for your children.

Looking for some assistance using the Alveary curriculum or a place where your children can discuss ideas with other homeschoolers your child's age?  Charlotte's Web is your place!

Offering online live courses for students ranging from 5th-12th grades in a small class setting with anticipation of continuing to offer more grades and courses as we grow.

Courses that follow the Charlotte Mason method and some options available using the Alveary lesson plans. Offering a variety of courses:  Plutarch, Literature, Writing, Government, Science, Spanish, History, and Music.

A place to build in their growth of written narrations with feedback in their writings for many courses offered (see course descriptions).

Giving students an opportunity to discuss ideas and to collaborate with their peers across the globe giving meaningful discussions and perspectives.

Want to join?  Learn more below.

Want to see a glimpse inside the courses?  Click on the Class Videos link above for a walk through of what a class is like as well as the platform the students use for assignments.  Also check out below what parents and students are saying. We hope to add more in the future.


Both of my girls look forward to Amy’s Plutarch class each week. With Amy’s guidance in the class, they have taken more ownership of their citizenship notebooks and started a century chart for Alexander’s life. Having gentle feedback on written narrations helps both me and my girls. The group narration experience is both helpful and motivating for them, through challenging material. I appreciate how organized Amy is and how well she facilitates the face to face portion of the class, as well as the assignments and communication. The assignments are selective and not overwhelming, as the primary focus is the group narration and discussion. It is a perfect first online class for a 4th and 5th grader!

                                            - Bethany

My daughter has enjoyed the Plutarch class with Amy this term. It has been valuable to have a couple of classes that we do via zoom, so that she is able to interact with other students her age, as well as another voice of accountability for completing assigned work. Receiving Amy’s feedback on assignments from another teacher’s perspective has helped us to see where we both can grow. As a mother, to be able to supplement with another teacher’s experience has allowed us to include another subject that we might not otherwise have tackled this year. Watching in on some of the lessons as a live demonstration has increased my confidence as an educator, mostly in other subjects that follow a similar format for lessons. Observing to other students oral narrations has also given me a sense of ease, getting to see where we are doing well and also to inspire us! My daughter has also realized the benefit for herself, which is so neat, and has even made suggestions for other ways we could be sharing narrations and other work with students her age to help not only with accountability but with completing the work, but also to the best of her ability. 
                                            - Summer

My child has always been a deep thinker and loves to discuss ideas.  This class serves as a perfect outlet for him to explore different character traits and interpret how it applies to his life.  I highly recommend Plutarch.  


Mrs. Fluharty’s classes were my daughter’s first experience with graded compositions. I was a little anxious for her as I have struggled to give her helpful feedback with her writing in the past. Amy’s positive and gently constructive corrections and suggestions were just what she needed! Her writing has improved by leaps and bounds in just a semester. I’m so grateful for Charlotte’s Web and wonderful teachers like Amy Fluharty.                                                



I like that Spanish is a small class and that I can learn with others.

                                                  - E.

Literature class was so much fun. It is one of the highlights of a Wednesday. I loved painting for it and doing the creative assignments. I loved the book selections. If I had not attended this class I would not have ever read Around the World in Eighty Days. And if I had anyway, it would have been in a few years. Now it is one of my favorite books.



                              - A Literature Student

I understand Government so much better than last year! Last year it didn't make very much sense, but now it does. Ancient History is so fun! lt's probably my favorite class. Plutarch is challenging, but it is very interesting. I really enjoyed these classes (especially Ancient History!) and I’m excited for when we start up again!

                                                    - R.

The Ancient history class has been very helpful and fun! The stories are interesting, creative, and I enjoy them lots. It has helped me a lot with learning.  I would definitely recommend. :)


I like that I am able to talk with other students and share opinions together.  Whether we agree or not, it's always fun!

                                                  - M.


I would highly recommend this class. Mrs. Fluharty is a very good teacher and I love the creative assignments. The discussions are very interesting and the class is at just the right length.


                                  - A Plutarch Student












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