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Making the Charlotte Mason method work for you.

A Charlotte Mason education is a wonderful gift to your children that will truly benefit them for a lifetime.  Getting started though can be truly overwhelming.  There are many great books, articles, blogs, podcasts and videos available to help—but many of us do not have the time and patience necessary to start up a high-quality program using these resources alone. 


Our Purpose

We are not meant to walk alone while homeschooling our kids.  Charlotte's Web was created to give direct, personal support to fellow CM teachers, with the goal of building confidence and bringing peace of mind in their home education pursuits.

About Us

We are a few seasoned Charlotte Mason educators who wish we had a helping hand when starting out!  Together, we have over 45 years of homeschooling experience, with various degrees and backgrounds ranging from education, music, to social sciences with teaching experience.  Our children have reaped the rewards of a CM education—including:

  • earning a full-tuition four-year scholarship

  • completing a college degree before turning 18

  • winning a U.S. State Department scholarship to study abroad for one year (Jordan)

  • developing fluency in Arabic, Latin, and Spanish

  • awarded a summer internship in high school with VASTS

  • awarded a summer internship working as a software engineer for the U.S. Navy

  • awarded Civil Air Patrol Cyber-patriot

  • received the Hollins Scholar Award


We share this not to brag on ourselves, but to show the amazing worth of a CM education in bringing out your child’s potential.  All glory goes to God alone.


Having spent countless hours learning ourselves and learning valuable lessons along the way, we share a common passion for helping others in their homeschooling journey.  No parent should have to do it alone and we are here to help you find connection, peace, and support in your Charlotte Mason home.


Amy came to the rescue when I was unsure about how to approach the year with Alveary. She was able to help me navigate how to organize my space, how to decipher the layout of the program and also teach certain subjects. I’m so grateful she supported me as a beginning homeschooling parent and learner of the Charlotte Mason method.

-  Sara

I transitioned my children from the public school system to Alveary in the middle of the school year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Amy was so helpful, patient and encouraging. She answered all my questions and eased my fears with the initial transition. She also continued to provide support throughout the school year by answering my many questions, providing resources, links and her own personal experiences which helped me succeed in teaching my children this year. Amy is a wonderful resource and I could not have done it without her!

-  Emily

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